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Best MPC Live 2 Case?

Posted On Sunday, October 30, 2022





I just wanted to share the best case that I found (cost-wise) with the MPC Live 2 community.


Now, like most owners of the MPC Live 2, I purchased the Live 2 as a "take anywhere" portable cook-up machine. lol.  That said, I knew I was eventually going to need a case for it. 


Well, after hunting around for a case I was pretty disappointed to see that the most affordable case marketed for the Live 2 was this one here priced at $100. 




So lets just say that the $100 price tag motivated me to do a little more research and after a bit of back and forth I decided to grab this one from Amazon instead.


It's marketed as a "EVA Hard Case for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 / DDJ-SB3 SB RB 400" but what I was going for was dimensions and material.  


About the case:


  • It fits the Live 2 with room to spare.  (This is helpful if you want to add padding or accessories)


  • This case is made out of similar (if not the same) EVA molded case material as the other cases priced 3x(+) as much. 


  • This case also has padding on both sides (most of these cases only have padding on 1 side) and enough extra room to hold the AC adapter (see pic) and other stuff.


I have also been able to fit a fold-able angled laptop stand in it with my iPad air 2 and misc adapters. 


I think overall its a good, cost effective "carry around town" case that can provide "good enough" protection under most normal conditions. 


And there you have it.


If you found this post helpful drop a comment below.

Also, did you buy a different case for your Live 2?

Which one?

What do you like about it?

What don't you like about it?


Tell me about it in the comments below!


Take care y'all



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