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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions on the site.

If you have any additional questions not answered below please reach out through this contact form.

How do I buy Beats?

Simply add the beat license(s) you need to the cart.
When you’re done click the shopping cart icon to review your order and then check out.


How do I get my Beats once I’m done ordering?

Once you complete your payment via PayPal you’ll receive an email receipt within a few minutes containing download links as well as the licensing agreement associated with your purchase. (The email will be sent by Beatstars)
If you’ve made a purchase and didn’t get your download ==> please check your spam folder before contacting me.
If you’ve checked there and you do not have a purchase receipt – click here to shoot me an email so I can get you your beats asap.


I’ve never bought anything online –  Is this site safe?

Yes this site is safe. SFTraxx.com does not collect any sensitive information. All beats are distributed securely by the Beatstars platform and all payment transactions are securely processed by PayPal.
PayPal accepts all major credit cards, and is the most trusted and secure way to do business online.


I don’t have a PayPal account – Do I need a PayPal account to buy beats?

No. PayPal does not require you to have an account with them to use their service.
All you need is a major Debit / Credit card and you should be good to go!


Are the Vocal Tags (Watermarks) on the beat I get?

No. All vocal tags are removed from the Download.


What rights do I get with my beat?

In the licensing Summary, the main licensing rights have been displayed for easy comparison. For complete details,  click the “Read License” Tab at the bottom to view the sample agreement.

How do I register a song with my "PRO" (ASCAP, SESAC, BMI) using one of your beats?

Simple. When you fill out the song info with your Performing rights organization you'll just list "SF Traxx" as a songwriter. Typically, (in Hip Hop) a song is split 50/50. Half Music - Melody  / Half Vocals.  Since I created the music portion you'd list me as the songwriter for the music portion of the song.

For PRO registration: SF Traxx is a registered member of ASCAP

IPI NAME NUMBER #752651340

Click here to see a screenshot of how a "typical" work registration will look in ASCAP based on a 50/50 split. I am the composer and I own my own publishing company.

I got a free download from here, can I use it?

No. The free downloads are provided as a courtesy for potential customers and listening purposes only. If  you'd like to use an instrumental from the site in your project (free or paid) affordable license options are available.


I used to have an account here, where did my Account go?

Due to fraudulent activity all account activity at SFTraxx.com has been disabled.


Do you still offer free downloads?

Yes, but they are for listening purposes only. If you'd like to use them in a project, free or commercial, affordable license options are available.


The licensing terms have changed from before, how does that affect my previous download / purchase / license?

In an effort to make a transparent, easy to read and mutually beneficial license agreement, changes have been made to address the details that may be overlooked or not covered under the license agreement.

In the event that there has been changes to the licensing agreement, the new changes only apply to new purchases, licenses and downloads that take place after those licensing changes were made.

Your previous download &  license / purchase terms remain unchanged.

When you download music or purchase instrumental usage rights, you are only bound to the terms of the licensing agreement that you agreed to at that time.


What format do your beats come in?

Untagged MP3, WAV and Trackouts are available


What is a "zipped" file and why do you send zipped files?

A "zipped" file is a term used to describe a compression file type.
Zipped folders are used because it allows you to reduce the overall file size thus making large downloads significantly smaller.
All session files are in zipped folders.


Where can I get a program to open the zip file?

Below I have created a small list of programs that should help you get the beat out of the zipped folder.

For Windows: WinRAR
link: http://download.cnet.com/WinRAR-32-bit/3000-2250_4-10007677.html

For Mac: Stuffit
link: http://download.cnet.com/StuffIt/3000-2250_4-10151590.html

For Android: WinZip
link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.winzip.android&hl=en

For Iphone / Ipad: iZip
link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/izip-zip-unzip-unrar-tool/id413971331?mt=8

After you install the software that matches your application you should be able to extract the beat from the zipped folder using that software.

Please note: The above list is just a few which should apply to most applications.
Quite a few people have had success with these but you may need to try another option if you are having trouble.



Why can't you just send me the free beats personally from your email??

For multiple reasons but here is the top reason:
Because I'm not always in the Studio (or by a computer) and you may be in the studio - so the website is set up to best serve you by sending you the beat immediately.


What is a Trackout "session file" and why do I need this?

First understand that the terms "Session files" Beat "Track Outs" and "Stems" more or less refer to the same thing and are used interchangeably, for the most part, to describe the beat's sounds separated into multiple audio files.

Here's a few reasons that its in your best interests to get these:
  • So that you or your engineer can rearrange the beat to better suit your song
  • So that you or your engineer can mix and adjust the music levels better to suit your vocals
  • So that you or your engineer can remove sounds you do not want in the beat (eg: Sound fx or transitional sweeps, etc)
..and the list goes on.

The Trackouts are a "must have" if you want your final mix to sound its best.

Make no mistake about that.

Most DAW's (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, etc.) will allow you to import and rearrange the Session's WAV files.

 I need new download links, how do I get them?

If your purchase was made through the Beatstars platform you *should* be able to access your files as long as their service is available.

If for some reason you can't and your purchase was made within the past 3 months I will resend your files free of charge.

If your purchase date was more than 3 months ago there will be a file resending fee. ($10 per track for non-exclusives (WAV / MP3) and $20 per track for session files (Track Outs). This payment can be made by clicking this link here. 

Please remember that it is your responsibility to download your purchase to a secure location after purchase.

Please note: If the beat(s) are no longer available (eg: the Exclusive license is sold or the file is no longer on the server) we reserve the right to not redistribute the file.

Please note that the link(s) will be redistributed to the email address associated with the original transaction.

If my album/ project makes money, gets big and makes me a ton of money do I need to pay you any compensation?

It depends. If you do not follow the licensing terms as stated on the site you may be held liable and legal action can be taken against you.

And remember, you must always display credit for SFTraxx's work exactly as ("Prod. by SF Traxx" or "Music by SF Traxx" ) wherever possible in a written form (cd cover/booklet, song or video descriptions, YouTube videos, file-names, mixtapes, albums, singles, remixes, social network pages such as Facebook, music sites such as Soundcloud, Reverbnation, etc.).

Failure to do so can void your  license.

I’ve heard similar samples/melodies/arrangements elsewhere, do you have the rights to these beats that you are licensing out?

Yes. Unlike other beats/music providers on the internet, Sf Traxx has legally acquired all required licenses so that you can use these beats in there entirety, free of additional costs.

Who makes these beats?

All tracks are arranged, mixed, and mastered by Music Producer SF Traxx. With 10 plus years in the game, his sound stands out from the rest and possesses a beautiful industry quality polished sound.

Do you do custom beats?

No, not at this time.

I produce music, can I send you some music to post on your site for people to use?

Unfortunately no. Not at this time.

I have used your Music on YouTube and I have got a 3rd party content notification - what does that mean?

All that means is that YouTube's Content ID system has located my music in your video and may place ads on the videos because of the use of my music.

If you do not want ads on your video and wish to monetize the video using the music you can easily purchase a license that allows YouTube monetization.

To remove the copyright claim notification and enable video monetization:

Simply dispute the claim with YouTube and submit proof of the Monetization License (eg: provide a copy of the license / PayPal receipt transaction id) to YouTube and that should be enough for them to remove the claim and allow you to monetize.

SF Traxx retains his copyrights and the rights to administer the master on YouTube.

Hey, I used your music in my project, do you want to check it out??

Of course.

Click here to shoot me an email directly or click here to contact me via Facebook.

Can I put your music on a CD by itself or with vocals and then sell it?

No you cannot sell my music as is on any platform. You must add vocals to it.

Are your beats copyright free?

No, the beats are copyrighted.

My licensing terms are simple and straight forward but that does not make the music copyright free or public domain.

I have some additional questions, how can I reach you?

Sure, you can hit me up via my contact page or you can shoot me an email.

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