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Unlimited License

Here's the break down:

When you buy an Unlimited license you are allowed to use the beat for UNLIMITED releases.

The difference between this license and the other licenses is that you can use it on unlimited physical and digital releases.

You get:

You get the beat untagged in MP3, Uncompressed WAV formats and the Track out stems.

This license type is ideal for:

- Albums
- Mixtapes
- EP's
- Soundcloud releases (monetized or not)
- Multiple YouTube Video's (monetized or not)
- iTunes releases

 Under this license type you can:

- Sell unlimited releases /units
- Publicly perform using the music
- Have unlimited Streams

Under this license type you can't:

- resell the beat (or give it away)

Under this license type you must:

- Display Credit in title: (Beat by SF Traxx / Prod. SF Traxx)
*Read the full license agreement for additional terms

Here's the full agreement:

"Unlimited License" Agreement

Please note: The term "Unlimited" simply refers to a "non-exclusive usage license" "type" being offered for sale and does not imply anything else.

If you have any questions regarding the license please contact before making a purchase.

License Agreement.

THIS NON EXCLUSIVE LICENSE AGREEMENT made on ("Effective Date") grants Licensee (hereinafter referred to as the "Licensee") also, if applicable, professionally known as Licensee usage rights to the copyrighted musical work entitled The Beat Title ("Composition") produced by SF Traxx (hereinafter referred to as the "Licensor") as of  the date first written above.

Master Use.

This license type hereby grants the licensee a non-exclusive usage license to make a derivative work and record vocal synchronization to the Composition partly or in its entirety and substantially in its original form ("Master Recording").

Licensee understands and acknowledges that SF Traxx retains full copyrights and publishing for the composition entitled: The Beat Title and furthermore Licensee understands that  their purchase serves as  acceptance of the terms of this agreement.  Additionally, Licensee also acknowledges and understands that their license purchase is for a usage license to make a derivative work using the aforementioned Composition.

SF Traxx retains full copyrights and publishing for the composition entitled: The Beat Title.

Mechanical Rights.
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee a non-exclusive usage license to use the work in Master Recording in the reproduction, duplication, manufacture, and distribution of phonograph records, cassette tapes, compact disc, digital downloads, other miscellaneous audio and digital recordings, and any lifts and versions thereof (collectively, the "Recordings", and individually, a "Recordings") worldwide for up to the pressing or selling a total of Unlimited copies of such Recordings or any combination of such Recordings, condition upon the payment to the Licensor, receipt of which is confirmed. Additionally licensee shall be permitted to distribute Unlimited free internet downloads or streams for non-profit and non-commercial use.


This license allows Unlimited (Unlimited)  audio streams to sites like (Spotify, RDIO, Rhapsody) and is eligible for monetization on YouTube.

Content id. 
Licensee understands and acknowledges that SF Traxx is granting Licensee usage rights to track entitled: The Beat Title and as such Licensee understands and acknowledges that they are permitted to copyright the derivative work but can not and must not claim copyright ownership of the Composition when publishing the derivative work in digital or physical form. Additionally, if Licensee receives a 'Content ID' notification regarding the composition from SF Traxx  Licensee agrees to remove the claim within a reasonable time frame (not to exceed 5 business days upon notification) amicably and promptly to avoid litigation.

Performance Rights.

The Licensor here by grants to Licensee a non-exclusive license to use the Master Recording in Unlimited non-profit performances, shows, or concerts. Licensee may receive compensation from performances with this license.
Performance Rights Organization. 

For PRO registration: SF Traxx is a registered member of ASCAP
IPI NAME NUMBER #752651340
*If you are uncertain on how to properly register your song - please send an email to

Synchronization Rights.

The Licensor hereby grants limited synchronization rights for Unlimited (Unlimited) music video streamed online (Youtube, Vimeo, etc..) and Unlimited non-monetized video streams on that site.

A separate synchronization license will need to be purchased for distribution of video to Television, Film or Video game.

Broadcast Rights.

The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee broadcasting rights.


Licensee shall display credit in the Title: "Prod. by SF Traxx"  in all media and performance formats  in writing where possible and vocally otherwise. Additionally Licensee agrees to display a hyperlink to the website (to be displayed as "") wherever applicable (eg: Youtube description, Soundcloud Description, etc).

License Modification.  

Licensee understands that  the licensee is bound to the terms stated on the license as of  ("Effective Date").


Accordingly, Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold Licensor harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees, arising of or resulting from a claimed breach of any of Licensee's representations, warranties or agreements hereunder.

Audio Samples.

3rd party sample clearance is the responsibility of the licensee.

File Delivery.  

For "Unlimited" license:  The licensee will receive an untagged, high quality stereo mix in MP3 format in addition to a Uncompressed WAV stereo mix.

The files associated with your license may be delivered via email and may be delivered in a zipped folder ( in .rar or .zip format) and may require you to download a third party program to extract the files. Programs such as winRAR for Windows and Stuffit for Mac will work.

Chargeback / Fee reversal. 

In the event that a chargeback or fee reversal has been made, the license issued to the licensee shall be null and void.  Additionally, unauthorized usages may face legal action.

Vocal tags.

Vocal tags are removed from "Unlimited License" compositions.

Failure to abide by these terms will void your license.


This license is personal to each party and as such is non-transferable. This license expressly forbids reassignment, resale, rental, loan, gift or transfer. Licensee does not have the right to assign this agreement to any third party without the prior consent of the Licensor.

Portfolio Usage. 
SF Traxx reserves the right to use the instrumental for portfolio usages which include the distribution of the instrumental on all mediums. Commercial and Non Profit without notice or payment due to you. (Examples of this include but are not limited to ) - releasing the music as an “Instrumental collection” made available on iTunes, having the composition on Soundcloud,  Monetized videos on YouTube,  Soundclick  or any variation thereof. )

Governing Law.

This License is governed by and shall be construed under the law of the state of Hawaii (US), without regard to the conflicts of laws principles thereof. In the event of conflict, licensor and licensee agree to meet with an arbitrator, pursuant to the American Arbitration Association.




Executed by the Licensor and the Licensee, to be effective as for all purposes as of the Effective Date first mentioned above.

Any monies received are non-refundable.

(If the license is being purchased on Behalf of someone - please send an email with the Artist(s) name and info. Failure to do so may void the license.)

Comments, Questions or concerns?
Send an email to

Any and all rights not covered in this agreement are reserved.
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