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My Discography

 Over the years I've been fortunate to be a part of many projects ~ 
all the while helping others get closer to achieving their musical goals.
Some collaborations were in-person, in the studio. 
Others were coordinated and executed 100% online. 
(Gotta love the internet) 
That said, below is a partial list of songs with Recording Artists that feature music produced by myself.


Production Discography

(Listed in no particular order ~ More to be added soon...)

Song Title Artist Album Role
All Day The Boyboy West Coast The Boyboy West Coast - All Day ft. Gee Cue Produced
Balance Ya Life Friscasso x Cannin feat. Lil Ari Balance Ya Life Produced
Try my best Friscasso Try my best Produced
Let Um Know (feat. Lil' Flip) ThuggMiss,  Lil' Flip Let Um Know (feat. Lil' Flip) Produced
I wouldn't put it past you San Quinn The Hustle Still Continues Produced
Dirty Sprites Young Shaad, Cwda3rd, Taedadon, Lil' JFK Realb4rapx1 Produced
Swallow My Own Poison Reece Loc Swallow My Own Poison Produced
Wit' Da Devil Reece Loc Swallow My Own Poison Produced
Niner Hot Boyzz Jose Santana Dynasty Hitzz Produced
Welcome To The Mission Cutthroat, Redeyez N/A Produced
Money Motivated (Prod. by SF Traxx) Big Dee, Matty-Bo Money Motivated Produced
Just Like Tha Bay Area Trigga Man N/A Produced
Clicc Claac Bang Bang Trigga Man Seek N Destroy Produced
Blacc Dress Ready Trigga Man Killin' off my Rivalz Produced
Poe'd Up (feat. The Jacka) Friscasso,  The Jacka If You Buyin Im Sellin Produced
We Warriors (feat. The Jacka & Kyng Lele) Friscasso,  The Jacka,  Kyng Lele If You Buyin Im Sellin Produced
Wrong or Right (Remix) Black C, C-bo Unreleased Produced
Housing Crisis SCS First Day of School Produced
Thug N*gga Messy Marv Highly Aggressive Mixtape Vol. 1 Produced
Riche$ (Remix) H2mg Ar Riche$ (Remix) Produced
Down with You Wickedwildkyle Down With You Produced
Feelin Wavy Prod. By SF Traxx Jer-Z Feelin Wavy Produced
Still Hustlin Hollow Tip feat. Rcenal The Block Exchange Produced
For ME Flamer For ME Produced
Love to Thug TB Known Associates, Vol. 3 Homeboys N Killahoes Part 2 Produced
Savioso TB Savioso Produced
Funk TB Savioso Produced
Down Like Me TB Savioso Produced
Been There Did That TB Savioso Produced
Bay Area Means TB Savioso Produced
Dirty Business TB Savioso Produced
Letter 2 Sunita Fetti Mac Expensive Taste Produced
Justice Rains Zach Boucher N/A Produced
The Streets Keep Callin me Lucci, Screl, Jules Jones N/A Produced
Justice Rains Zach Boucher N/A Produced
Mind Made H2mg Ar,  Mozzy Heart of a Giant Produced
Bring It Back Opium (TMIS) The Movement is soon Produced
Don't Disturb This Groove (feat. Duece Duece) C-Fresh Here I Come Produced
Chevy 4-d0 C-Fresh, TB Eyes Open Produced
Eyes Open C-Fresh Eyes Open Produced
Here I come C-Fresh Here I Come Produced
In The Hood C-Fresh Here I Come Produced
Take a selfie for me Marcus Smith #Takeaselfieforme Produced
March-Roll feat J Snell Sligh Talkbox & 40 MacaFramA First Of The Month Funk Produced
Soulful Vibes feat. CJ! and Melly Mel tha Kidd CJ! and Melly Mel tha Kidd N/A Produced
LORD MADLEY - Coolin’ (Prod By Sf Traxx) Lord Madley LORD MADLEY - Coolin’ (Prod By Sf Traxx) Produced
Ask SomeBody (Produced By SF Traxx) Boskie Ask SomeBody Produced
STCK N MOVE (Produced By SF Traxx) Boskie STCK N MOVE Produced
Dead Wrong (Produced By SF Traxx) Boskie Dead Wrong Produced
#JOKER [Prod. by SF Traxx] Bigg Limn N/A Produced
Paper Chase- Biz Gatez and Smiley Agony (Produced By SF Traxx) Smiley Agony N/A Produced
6ixGod - Cappin Prod. By SF Traxx 6ixGod 6ixGod - Cappin Produced
Hard Times (Prod. By SF Traxx) Bileezy Hard Times Produced
Mo's Rap (Prod. By SF Traxx) Morgan Johnson Mo's Rap Produced
Talk My Sh!t (Produced By SF Traxx) CEDBEAST Talk My Sh!t (Produced by SF Traxx) Produced
Swag Zone (Produced By SF Traxx) Juce Montana Bad Santa Produced
Head Up Killa K So Serious N/A Produced
Dear Haters young C, A.G, Jorgee, Reaper N/A Produced
I Wrote This YM the Prince, Get Choze YM the Prince & Get Choze - I Wrote This Produced
WYD Spades N/A Produced
How you Live Big Lerch, Zoe Da Munkmonsta, Jay $tacks The Streetz iz callin Produced
I want To Be Famous Major League N/A Produced
Mój Plan SMG N/A Produced
Bounce (ft KTA & JAY100) Lex Lucrative, KTA, JAY100 N/A Produced
How We Roll Phlyy Jonze Hot Summer Produced
Frag Nicht Dän & Bastone "21 | 25" Produced
Goodbye DJ Hawdcoe feat: Ruff n Raw N/A Produced
Losing It Mr Dy-Nasty 41 Ways Produced
The Dirt Wash Off G. Twilight Dirty Street Money Produced
Linha do Tempo (Part. Bob SFE) Nego Jé N/A Produced
Why you trippin Stylo Too Deep Produced
Runnin Tests Viggz Runnin Tests Produced

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