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How to make money from your music by giving it away!

Posted On Wednesday, April 20, 2016

With this formula your music can get you paid without even having to sell it.

Since a lot of Musicians, Artists and Music Producers want to paid from their music I thought I'd share a simple blueprint with you [that's relevant] that will help you make money from your music by giving it away!  


Before I share it with you though, I just want to make a few things clear:


  1. - Its not a get rich quick scheme
  2. - Its probably not going to make you a millionaire overnight
  3. - Its not for the lazy
  4. - It will require some effort
  5. - It will require an initial investment of time and money


OK, now that we've got that established we can get to work...


To get started on the road to make money from your music you will need to do a few things:


  (If you have done any of these already, great! One less thing to do =) )
  1. - Sign up with a Performing rights organization like ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.
  2. - Sign up with an online music distributor like Distrokid or CD baby.
  3. - Sign up for an account with a YouTube Partner site like Audiam or AdRev.


  Once you've done that all that's left is:
  1. - Make a bunch of Beats or Songs and arrange them as an album or a collection of albums.
  2. - Publish your work with your PRO and register the music with your YouTube Partner.
  3. - Create a YouTube channel or dedicated website for your music and promote it as "free YouTube backing music" or "beats for video" etc.
  4. - Collect revenue from your YouTube Partner from the advertisements that are placed on videos using your music on YouTube.


  That's it.

How this method works [and you make money from your music]:


  Once your music is published, registered and made available online through the online distributors, your tracks will have bar codes and ISRC codes assigned to them.

These codes are used to track your music. So when someone downloads your [free] beats or Song(s) and then uploads your music to YouTube, ads will be placed on their videos because it "matches third party content" [your content] and these partner companies [ex: AdRev & Audiam] will collect royalties on your behalf and pay you the money from the ads that are placed on those videos. (Minus their admin fee - which I believe is 25% with Audiam and 20% with AdRev - at the time of this writing.)

In addition to the royalties from sales you get from your PRO and the online retailers using this method, you may also be eligible to collect from other places as well ( I think Soundcloud is supposed to be moving in this direction too [with the Soundcloud Monetization] (maybe someone else can chime in on this in the comment section) but I'm not 100% sure of this at the time of this writing.

  The bottom line is that a lot of people need [free] background music for their YouTube videos and they need a source to get it from.

As a Rap Beats Producer, I deal with a lot of [Rap] Artists who want to make music [with free beats] and eventually upload it to YouTube for promotion.

Additionally, a lot of companies are selling products as well and **need quality music** to help them sell their products.

 Using this model, your music gets out, you make money from your music and the up-loader ultimately gets more views / hits for having great music in the background of their video.

 It truly becomes a win win situation.

So there you have it.

A very simple method to make money from your music that [in the long run] should make you a decent return by simply giving out your music for free.    

Plus: [the most beautiful part] your music gets out to a larger audience and you still own it!

 Just make sure that you make this information very clear to the "free downloaders" of your music because not everyone will want to have ad's placed on their videos.

Again: The chances of you becoming a millionaire overnight isn't very likely but on the road to riches all revenue streams add up.

Please believe.

Now go get it.


P.S. If you know somebody who may benefit from this - share it!

They'll thank you for it later. 

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