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3 undeniable truths about mixes

Lets face it.

A final Mix is a subjective 'art-form'.

What sounds good to you may not sound good to someone else and visa-versa.

Over the years I have spent countless hours working on my beats, mixing them to what I thought was 'perfection' just to have them inevitably crushed with a line like: "Hey, this ________ don't sound right!"


Talk about frustration.

As a composer / music producer, I want to get the best mix.


I spent a gang of time on the music - I want others to enjoy it just as much as I do - but the fact is that no matter how long you spend on your mix, these 3 truths will always prevail:  


1. A bad mix will sound bad to everyone who hears it.

 (Did you hear that???)

Yeah, That little click you thought you heard - was not the sound-card - so you'd better find it.

Regardless the genre, or the denial - if something 'sounds out of place' eg: the mix is junk - the song will ultimately be 'considered' junk too.

By everybody. ~

BTW: When was the last time you spent more than a minute listening to a clipping track? ~  


2. A good mix will probably go unnoticed.

 (Well, at least the work that went into getting it 'sounding right' will.)

Spent a week getting that song dialed in?

Cool Story Bro.

Don't be surprised if nobody can tell...

Because, well..., most can't. =\

3. An awesome mix will only be noticed by 'audiophiles'.

 (such as yourself) 

While the goal [for most ] is to get the best sounding mix, and to make the track for everyone to enjoy, as an producer / composer / engineer you can rest assured that only others who share your passion for audio production and audio engineering will feel your pain.

Because the bottom line is the average listener does not give it that much thought.

So rest easy.

Peace ~


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