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Bio / Discography

The Beats featured on are West Coast Rap Producer Steve Traxx's (bka SF Traxx) Productions.

SF Traxx has been featured on many projects Worldwide with Professional Recording Artists such as H2MG AR, Mozzy, Lil Flip, Messy Marv, Friscasso, Jacka, RBL Posse's Black C and many more.

With over 10 years in the game, SF Traxx's sound stands out from the rest! SF Traxx's beats are a definite "must have" if you want that professional industry quality sound on your project.

Production Discography: 

Dirty Sprites
Artist: Young Shaad, Cwda3rd, Taedadon, Lil' JFK
Album: Realb4rapx1
Role: Produced

Poe'd Up (feat. The Jacka)
Artist:    Friscasso,  The Jacka
Album:    Poe'd Up (feat. The Jacka)
Role:    Produced

We Warriors (feat. The Jacka & Kyng Lele)
Artist:    Friscasso,  The Jacka,  Kyng Lele
Album:    If You Buyin Im Sellin
Role:    Produced 

Wrong or Right (Remix)
Artist: Black C, C-bo
Album: Unreleased
Role: Produced

Housing Crisis
Artist:    SCS
Album:    First Day of School
Role:    Produced

Thug N*gga
Artist:    Messy Marv
Album:    Highly Aggressive Mixtape Vol. 1
Role:    Produced

Riche$ (Remix)
Artist:    H2mg Ar
Album:    Riche$ (Remix)
Role:    Produced

Down with You
Artist:    Wickedwildkyle
Album:    Down with You
Role:    Produced

Feelin Wavy Prod. By SF Traxx
Artist:    Jer-Z
Album:    Feelin Wavy
Role:    Produced

Still Hustlin
Artist:    Hollow Tip feat. Rcenal
Album:    The Block Exchange
Role:    Produced

For ME
Artist:    Flamer
Album:    For ME
Role:    Produced

Love to Thug
Artist:    TB
Album:    Known Associates, Vol. 3 Homeboys N Killahoes Part 2
Role:    Produced

Here I Come
Artist:    C-Fresh
Album:    Here I Come
Role:    Produced 

Let Um Know (feat. Lil' Flip)
Artist:    ThuggMiss,  Lil' Flip
Album:    Let Um Know (feat. Lil' Flip)
Role:    Produced

Letter 2 Sunita
Artist:    Fetti Mac
Album:    Expensive Taste
Role:    Produced

Mind Made
Artist:    H2mg Ar,  Mozzy
Album:    Heart of a Giant
Role:    Produced

Don't Disturb This Groove (feat. Duece Duece)
Artist:    C-Fresh
Album:    Here I Come
Role:    Produced

Take a selfie for me
Artist:    Marcus Smith
Album:    #Takeaselfieforme
Role:    Produced

March-Roll feat J Snell
Artist:    Sligh Talkbox & 40 MacaFramA
Album:    First Of The Month Funk
Role:    Produced

Soulful Vibes feat. CJ! and Melly Mel tha Kidd
Artist(s):    CJ! and Melly Mel tha Kidd
Album:    N/A
Role:    Produced

and more!

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