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Custom NKS Presets & Artwork for Maschine MK3 and Komplete Kontrol


Whats goody! 

Alright, since quite a few of you are interested in making your own artwork I wanted to share some resources with you to help get you started.


First one:


Preset Magician


Preset magician is a free program that you can download and install which will scan your VST plugins and make NKS presets from your non-NKS plugins. 


Now, it won't do them all but definitely enough to make most users happy. You can add custom artwork as well as preview sounds for the presets. Pretty slick!

Unfortunately, this program is no longer supported at the time of this writing but I hope someone (more skilled than I) eventually picks it up from github and keeps it current.


Click here to download preset magician


Now for those of you who want more of a "ready to go" option, be sure to visit Jason @ Freelance Sound Labs. 


I have purchased a few of his NKS Preset packs and they are easy to install. 


The artwork and presets are already done. Simply follow the instructions, drag and drop and you're done.


He's got a pretty large portfolio and the list just keep growing. 


He's just added Roland Cloud to the list - which I'm pretty excited about. 


You can visit freelance Soundlabs by clicking here


..and there it is!


I hope you guys find this post helpful. 


This will give the "User" instruments tab a new life on your Maschine MK3, Plus and Komplete Kontrol.


If you have any comments or questions (or just want to drop some luv) hit me in the comment section.






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