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All Exclusives ONLY $150 (Beat Sale)


 Whats good everyone!


I just wanted to announce that I'm offering lower pricing on Exclusive Buyouts. 


The reason for this is while I was going over my books I realized that a lot of the songs made with my beats were not registered / published. This is unfortunate. By not properly publishing your music you are giving up potential revenue streams.

So to give you Artists a great value and also to help motivate you to get your projects properly registered I decided to offer lower pricing...but with 1 stipulation. (see below)

Here's the condition: If you purchase an Exclusive license from me at this ($150) price point you have to publish and register the song with a PRO and notify me with the registration info within 1 year or I can make the beat available to other artists again.

Too many artists sit on beats and do nothing with them and what makes it worse is that other motivated artists will contact me for those same beats and I gotta tell them "its sold". 


That said, I hope you understand that this change is necessary because I take my craft seriously (been at it 20+ years now) and you should too. 


Now, If you have any questions about how to properly register your song with a PRO (ASCAP for example) please visit my FAQ page as I explain how your registration should look when registering a song. 


If you need more help just hit me and I'll try and walk you through it. 


Also: For those of you who are interested in Non-Exclusive licensing (eg:Lease, Premium, Unlimited) or would like to pay more for an Exclusive (and remove the stipulation) those options will remain as well. 

To take advantage of this deal: Send me an email directly at sftraxx[at] before making a purchase with the name(s) of the beat(s).

Remember Artists: The song(s) you make over these beats are split 50/50 by default (Artist Vocals = 50% & Producer's Beat = 50%) so when you don't properly register your work or choose to do nothing with the music you short change us both.






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