Mastered beats: Mastering beats can help you increase beat sales

"Should I Master my beats before selling them??"


Why wouldn't you?

Mastering beats before selling them should be a no-brainer. Its like not washing your car before putting it up for sale.  

By mastering your beats you are making them more appealing to the buyer.

  The bottom line is that if you are not mastering your beats before you put them out there for sale you are shooting yourself in the foot. If your goal is to maximize your sales then you need your beats sounding the best they possibly can.  

The best way to achieve that is with a solid mix and a sweet sounding master.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking: "But I don't know how to mix my beats professionally.." Or saying: "How do I make my mix louder???" - We've all been there.

No worries though, to help get you started in the right direction I've taken the liberty of bringing YouTube to you and have embedded a few videos below that I have found helpful.

They break down a few things about mixing and mastering beats as well as provide you with audio mastering tips that you will find helpful. (Hey, its a start)

The first video is a 10 step "quick start" guide to mastering in iZotope Ozone which is a very popular standalone / plugin that (when used correctly) will have your master track shining.

Regardless if you are trying to learn how to master in Cubase or how to mix and master on fl studio iZotope Ozone delivers.

This video is only 8 minutes long.

Check it out.

In the next Video:

How to Master in FL Studio using "Maximus".

This video is only 4 minutes long and should be a huge help for you if you are trying to learn mixing and mastering in fl studio. 

..and last but not least 1 last video about mixing in FL studio.

This video is about a half an hour long but is pretty detailed and covers tips and techniques that can be applied to any DAW not just FL Studio.

  After watching these videos you may not start off with the best mix, or the best final master but you'll be well on your way to mastering audio tracks and most importantly you'll be 1 step ahead of the other producer who isn't trying to perfect his craft.

 I hope this helps.

 Peace -  

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